• Can I create an account

    Yes, you can create an account for free here.

  • Earnings
  • Can I earn on NaijaHub

    Yes. You earn whenever a member likes your article. Also, you can earn through receiving support from your loyal readers.

  • What is the minimum amount I can withdraw

    The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦1000.

  • How can I withdraw my earnings

    You can withdraw your earnings by placing a withdrawal request on the withdrawal page.
    Note: All payments are processed through bank transfer.

  • Affiliate
  • When can I withdraw my commission

    You can withdraw your commission when you have reached a threshold of ₦2000.

  • How do I earn my commission

    You earn commission, whenever someone subscribes to a premium plan or buys a token within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.

  • How do I get paid

    All commission are paid out directly to bank account on request.

  • How can I become an affiliate

    To become an affiliate, you need to create an account with us.
    To create an account, click here.

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